Self-Cleaning Glass


Self-cleaning glass services in Hatfield

If you're looking for low maintenance glass, then get in touch with Tomlin Glass. We'll install quality self-cleaning glass for you.

Low-maintenance glass

At Tomlin Glass, our glaziers are fully experienced in fitting Pilkington Activ and 'K' Glass. These particular types of glass provide unique energy efficiency, providing the insulation of heat to the inside in the winter, and insulation against the outside heat in the summer - thereby giving you year-round comfort. Using the latest technology, the Pilkington Activ window breaks down organic dirt through a chemical reaction using UV light and helps it to be washed away by spreading a thin film of water across the glass, which dries off quickly. We're based in Hatfield but our services are available across Hertfordshire.
top-quality glass

Key reasons to choose Pilkington glass

  • Manufactured using latest technology
  • Saves time and money
  • Energy efficient
  • Serves as thermal insulator
  • The coating lasts for a long time
high-quality window glass

Designed to save your time and money

Pilkington "K" glass is a revolutionary glass type that is particularly beneficial in conservatories and large glazed areas, providing excellent energy efficiency fully compliant with the current thermal insulation building regulations. It is ideal for hard to reach places such as skylights and conservatories. You can also contact us for coloured splashbacks and glass shelves. Take a look at some of the projects completed by us.
"Janice. Thank you for doing a great job on the mirrors. In particular Ricky who took a lot of trouble and care to get everything just right. The client is equally as pleased. Thanks again."
- Kind regards. PS
Do you want to install self-cleaning glass in your property? Call Tomlin Glass on 01727 864 150 or 01707 262 114 for services in Hatfield and across Hertfordshire.
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